Screencap via YouTube

Education Secretary and billionaire school-privatization huckster Betsy DeVos, who is going to be very bad for the state of American education, was invited to speak a graduation ceremony today. That’s inexplicable. That it was at historically black Bethune-Cookman University—after DeVos idiotically linked HBCUs to her pet project of school choice—pushed it into farce. The kids treated her exactly as she deserves.


It got so bad that the university president grabbed the microphone and threatened students that if they didn’t calm down, the ceremony would be canceled. They did not calm down.

This is wonderful. The world somehow manages to provide these brief, life-affirming oases, even in the midst of the middenheap that is every single day of existence. The ghouls and flunkies of the administration who are actively working to make the world a worse place deserve to be booed, everywhere they go. They should never for a moment be allowed to be comfortable, or to feel anything short of despised at all times.

Congratulations to the newest graduates of Bethune-Cookman. The future looks a little brighter today.


Additional ranting by Albert Burneko.