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Kool Keith Gets Back Into Playoff Form With "Durant & Westbrook"

I would accuse Kool Keith of shamelessly pandering for sports-blog love by naming his new song "Durant & Westbrook" (off the upcoming Demolition Crash), but if by this point you haven't realized just how few fucks Hip Hop's King of Weird gives about the mainstream, then you haven't been paying attention.

And anyway, Keith is at his most narratively nutty here—"Cum shot over a female rapper / Spike Lee amazed how I got the shot off / Girls order more hot dogs, Sabretts make 'em run wet"—so who cares what contrivance we come up with to post it?


I'm afraid Keith has bet on the wrong pony, though. The evidence is mounting that Lil B's curse on The Servant will doom him to a career of blatant choking and playoff embarrassment. Until Durant swallows his pride and bows before the Based God of Weird, that is.

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