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Kidnapped Shark Found Safe; Thief Confesses To Stealing Her To Replace His Old Shark

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We have a very happy update for you in the case of Helen, the horn shark who was the subject of a daring stroller heist this weekend at the San Antonio Aquarium. Not only has Helen been found, but she appears to have been lovingly cared for by her captor, who stole her in the first place because he used to have a horn shark and wanted a replacement pal. Aww!


Antone Shannon was identified as one of the three perpetrators in a surveillance video, and when cops showed up to ask him if he had a stolen shark in his house, he had a really bad plan to fool them that immediately fell apart:

On Monday, officers visited Shannon at his home to question him about the alleged theft. He allowed them inside and took them directly to Helen. [Leon Valley PD Chief Joseph] Salvaggio said Shannon was initially going to show the officers a fake receipt for the horn shark, but it was “obviously doctored and the gig was up.”

Salvaggio said yesterday that he doubted Helen would still be alive, since she required a particular sort of tank. Shannon seems to have a been maintaining a little aquarium of his own, and Helen was recovered and returned to the aquarium in healthy condition. According to Bexar County arrest records, Shannon faces a felony theft charge. Neither of the other two thieves have been identified.

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