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Kettle Chips Flavors, Ranked

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Photo via the author

Kettle Chips are the finest chip (potato division) that one can find at almost any grocery or convenience store. What sets the mighty Kettle Chip apart from the standard potato chip is its heft and wide range of flavors on offer. Which flavors are the tastiest? Here is a semi-exhaustive guide to the flavors featured on the Kettle Chips site, plus the bonus ones I can find at my local corner store:

1. Honey Dijon
2. Sour Cream & Onion
3. Backyard Barbecue
4. Salt & Pepper
5. Pepperoncini
6. Buffalo Bleu
7. Korean Barbecue
8. (tie) Dill Pickle/Classic Barbecue
10. Salt & Vinegar
11. Jalapeño
12. Carolina Barbecue
13. Sea Salt
14. Sriracha
15. New York Cheddar
16. Red Curry
17. Himalayan Salt
18. Maple Bacon
19. Moscow Mule
20. Roasted Garlic
21. Getting Hit By A Car
22. Unsalted

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