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Just Make Mad Max: Fury Road Again

I just finished watching this dope-as-hell reel of raw footage from Mad Max: Fury Road, and goddammit, I’m all jazzed up for car crashes and explosions again. So here is my plea to George Miller: please just make Mad Max: Fury Road again.


No, I am not asking for a sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road, because fuck a sequel. What I want is a remake of Mad Max: Fury Road that follows the same script as the original but features new actors and new stunts. “That’s stupid,” you’re saying to yourself right now. To that I respond, “It’s not stupid.”

Think about how much you loved Mad Max: Fury Road, and how incredible you felt the first time you saw it in theaters. Remember how you stood up, smashed your slurpee over your head, howled like a wolf, and then ate three cigarettes the first time you heard a War Boy scream, “Witness me!” Wouldn’t you love to have that feeling again?

I regret to inform you that a sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road will not bring you that feeling, because sequels, no matter how faithful to the original they intend to be, always manage to be at least somewhat disappointing. This is particularly true when the original movie is as beloved as Mad Max: Fury Road is.

Think of it like this: you enjoy playing sports video games, right? When you buy the latest version of Madden or FIFA or NBA 2K every year, you aren’t hoping to get home and discover that the game has been completely remade. You liked last year’s version of the game! You basically just want to play that game again, but with updated rosters, better graphics, and perhaps a few new features.


That’s basically what a reboot of Mad Max: Fury Road would be. Every year could bring a new version of Mad Max: Fury Road, the movie you already love, but with just enough new stuff to get you feeling all rowdy in the theater again. Please don’t try to tell me I’m wrong about this, because I am not.

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