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It's Bad To Waterboard People

Photo: AP

This seems like it should be pretty self-explanatory.


A society that accepts “[X] was following lawful orders” as a defense of overseeing and participating in the brutal torture of prisoners is saying, in very clear and unambiguous terms, that obedience to authority supersedes pretty much any other values a decent human being might be expected to have: mercy, charity, decency, conscience, and so on. I don’t want to live in that society; I hope you don’t. Personally I think I’d prefer one where Gina Haspel, who both participated in the torture of prisoners in a black-site prison in Thailand and oversaw the destruction of video evidence of same, does not have the opportunity to choose unquestioning obedience to whatever set of orders Donald Fucking Trump comes up with over the next couple years.

I look forward to some number of Democratic Senators lining up to confirm this absolute moral horror of a person to run an unaccountable spy agency.

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