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How's That Swamp-Draining Going?

Photo of a Goldman Sachs guy ascending a golden elevator: AP

This week, in #DrainTheSwamp news:

  • A former Goldman Sachs banker (whose father was also a Goldman Sachs banker), Hollywood movie producer, and hedge fund manager has been appointed head of the Treasury Department.
  • Donald Trump dined at Jean-Georges with a former private equity titan who is being considered for Secretary of State.
  • He has also met with the president of Goldman Sachs and the head of the world’s largest hedge fund.
  • A billionaire distressed-debt investor has been selected to head the Commerce Department.
  • He joins a fellow billionaire—an Amway heiress and major political donor—who will be running the Department of Education.
  • The new transportation secretary is the wife of the Senate majority leader. She was also George W. Bush’s labor secretary, and was so popular with her coworkers that they held a “good riddance” party when she left.
  • Using corporate welfare, Donald Trump has managed to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana, as the U.S. “has been losing more than 300,000 manufacturing jobs each year to overseas competition.”
  • Access to Donald Trump, Mike Pence, their family members, and their cabinet secretaries can be purchased off a menu ($25k-$1 million) by wealthy donors to the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

The dastardly elites will surely have much to fear from this band of outsiders.


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