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How Do Democrats And Republicans Spend Their Time On The Internet?

Keeping with their "political leaning" series—the Washington Post has released the chart above—from the research firm NMRPP—showing the relative political inclinations associated with different types of internet usage.


The bubble size is proportional to the number of respondents who reported that they used the internet (blue bubbles) or specifically a mobile device (green) for that purpose within the last 30 days. Sports—especially fantasy sports—skewed heavily Republican, as did eBay-like auction sites and automobile sites. Sites for dating, jobs, and music skewed Democratic, although their position toward the bottom of the "voter turnout index" (y-axis) implies that this is largely driven by younger respondents, who are disproportionately Democratic and also terrible at voting.

Games came out non-partisan. Porn was apparently excluded, because the researchers are cowards.


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