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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Hmmm, Yes, I Am Extremely Into This Game In Which 11,000 Penguins War With 4,000 Santas

Here we have a legitimately captivating video in which the makers of Epic Battle Simulator (video games are good) demonstrate what their game is capable of. This video is eight minutes long, and I watched the whole damn thing:

Your combatants: A battalion of 4,000 Santas, armed with candy cane clubs, and a horde of 11,000 penguins that aren’t afraid to unleash suicide attacks.


One would think the Santas’ superior intellect and arsenal would give them the edge here, but the jolly idiots go striding right into a choke point that allows the penguins to swarm them on two fronts. Toss in the penguins dive-bombing the Santas’ backlines from the cliffs and, folks, you’ve got a massacre on your hands.

h/t Geekologie

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