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For one of the classiest, most luxurious purported billionaires alive, Donald Trump doesn’t exactly have the most refined palate. He seems to prefer McDonald’s, taco bowls, and burnt steaks to any sort of more refined fare, which makes this absolutely phenomenal rumor all the more believable.

Writer Jen Deaderick thankfully decided yesterday to share a story that had been recounted to her by a former roommate. It is, perhaps, the most perfect Trump gossip I’ve ever heard:


Jen tells me that the french fry drama took place some time around 2003-ish. We’ve reached out to Donald Trump’s campaign for comment on this shocking tale of deep-fried deception, and will update if and when they respond.


In the meantime, if you know absolutely anything about what people will undoubtedly dub Fryghazi, Donald Trump’s taste in french fries, or his eating habits in general, please do let me know. The American people deserve answers.

Ashley Feinberg used to work here.

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