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Here's My House

Yes I have velvet ropes inside my house, via Bruce Makowsky/ BAM Luxury Development

Hello, welcome to my home. I hope you like it.

Here—right this way.

The four-level home has 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms, all accessed by elevators lined with crocodile skin.


I love to welcome the media to my home that costs $250 million.

“It just reeks of quality and looks absolutely spectacular,” he said. “It gives you the feeling you can only get if you go to heaven.”

You can say that again.

In one master bedroom, a glass-encased cashmere Hermès blanket is mounted on a wall. In another room, a modified chainsaw, its blade replaced with Rolls Royce hood ornaments, sits atop a pedestal; behind it is a giant photograph of a model seated in an orange-upholstered car, wielding that same saw.


I like art.

Among the 130 art installations are chrome sculptures of skateboards and guns, an interactive digital work that stars Disney’s Seven Dwarfs and a champagne pinball machine.


Oh, this old thing?

The helicopter from the ‘80s TV show Airwolf sits parked on a rooftop helipad (it’s a “sculpture,” says Makowsky, who notes that the helicopter is inoperable).


Thank you for stopping by my house!

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