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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Here's A Bear To Help You Rise Above The Bullshit

How's your week been? Unless you're, like, George Clooney, you've probably found yourself muttering something along the lines of, "Man, this is bullshit ..." while dealing with some bullshit. Maybe your boss upbraided you for some crap that wasn't your fault, or maybe you haven't yet gotten your bi-weekly paycheck because of some third-party administrative fuckup. Maybe you stubbed your toe really badly on Tuesday, and it's still sore. It's possible that you've been dealing with bullshit all week, and that your chill levels are dangerously low.

Will watching this fat and cute bear play with a bale of hay for 30 seconds make you feel any better? Maybe! Also, maybe not! But go ahead and click play anyway.

h/t Sam

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