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Here Are Some People Who Got A Record Deal Because Of Vine

Vine, for the most part, is a great thing. How can an app that gifted us with the Nae Nae Panda and the Volleyball Stanky Leg be described as anything else? It's also a silly thing, though, because it made it possible for the folk-singing duo known as "Us" to get a record deal.


Us are known for posting clips of their mouths singing (and beat-boxing!) six-second bits of cover songs on Vine. Like this:

Now, Billboard is reporting that Us have signed a deal with Republic Records on the strength of their Vine popularity. The pair had previously tried using YouTube to get noticed, but that didn't work out so well. I wonder why that is:

Semi-related note: Karmin, the internet-famous, insufferably adorkable pop duo that helped start all this shit, has a new album out today. It's not very good.


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