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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Half-Naked Australian Man Uses Didgeridoo To Ward Off Intruder, Then Reenacts The Whole Thing

Thieves in Australia, beware: Do not try to break into the house of Adelaide’s Kym Abrook. Though he’s 52 years old, he teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has the ability to destroy you with a didgeridoo if it comes to that. He doesn’t even need pants to do it.


Abrook confronted the 32-year-old suspect early Monday morning in the neighborhood of Fulham Gardens and chased him down the street. Although the man in his underwear didn’t actually get to thwack anyone with the instrument, police were able to corner the intruder and bring him in. He was charged with theft and aggravated serious criminal trespass, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Are you wondering what a man in his underwear looks like while running down the street and clutching a didgeridoo? You’re in luck:

Was one reenactment not enough to whet your appetite? Here’s another where he’s wearing pants—still shirtless however, to preserve artistic integrity—and cussing.

Do not trifle with this man, or his 12 children.