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Fox News Host Fooled By Viral Hoax Photo Of Shark On Highway

The scenes in Houston are scary and sad. Photos show parts of the city completely flooded, with more rain on the way. But one photo that’s been circulating is not scary or sad or real: It’s a photo of a shark on a highway.

Like clockwork, every time there is flooding this stupid Photoshop of a shark on a highway is shared widely on social media. It’s fake! It’s obviously fake! Gizmodo reported yesterday that this photo has shown up after Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Matthew, Superstorm Sandy and even unnamed flash floods in Texas two years ago.

Even if you were to possibly be fooled by the shark photo, reporters should consume enough news to have seen the photo before. Even if you don’t think it’s fake, you should at least be like, “Oh, that’s from the last hurricane.”


Anyway, Fox News’ Jesse Watters reported on the shark photo as if it were real. A co-host, Kimberly Guilfoyle, then asked if it were like Sharknado. Watters confirmed. Excellent.

Staff editor, Deadspin

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