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Just like me and you, Mimi Thorisson is a food blogger. So why is her life so fucking crazy?


Mimi wrote a cookbook and has a food blog and puts well-staged pictures on Instagram. Yeah, her and probably every other mope in the world! Plenty of Uber drivers have this exact resume. Yet Mimi seems to live a somewhat different lifestyle than food bloggers like you and me. The Wall Street Journal reports that three years ago, she and her husband (a freaking photographer! Big woop!) purchased a 15 bedroom home in the Bordeaux region of France; this 15-bedroom home cost only $620,000, though the couple has spent an equal amount renovating it.

What the fuck is wrong with this huge mansion that it cost the same as a modest one-bedroom apartment in an “up and coming” neighborhood in Brooklyn?

But also, where the fuck did a food blogger and photo guy get the cash to buy and renovate this house anyhow??

And what the fuck is going on in this rambling old mansion?

In her kitchen, visitors spend several days learning not just how to cook, but about how to realize the sort of life Mrs. Thorisson writes about online: a dreamy one, filled with food, simplicity and children.

The Thorissons have eight children, some together, some from previous marriages. They range in age from newborn to 20. Not all eight live with the couple year-round, but there are occasions when everyone is home, along with the family’s 10 dogs.


One blogger... one photographer... eight children... ten dogs... and one enormous French mansion with 15 bedrooms. Imagine the screams and barks of chaos echoing constantly off the dungeon-like inner walls. Does each dog have his own bedroom? How does this all pencil out? Where’s the profit and loss statement here? So you have a bunch of tomatoes on your rustic table—who pays the bills? What’s the big secret? How much money do you really make picking artichokes?


Where are the bodies buried? Mimi?

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