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Extremely Intoxicated Metro North Passenger Munches On Floor Chips [Update]

This horrible incident occurred on one of New York's Metro North trains, which are often booze-fueled nightmares, full of shit-hammered White Plains residents trying to get home at 1:45 a.m. after drinking themselves stupid in the Meatpacking District.

There's some debate amid the Deadspin staff regarding exactly what the hell is going on with this girl. "Incredibly drunk" seems to be the obvious answer, but the way she savors those chips at the end, like a mortal getting a mouthful of ambrosia, suggests that other mind-altering substances might be involved. Molly was one suggestion, as was the weird future drug that gives Scarlett Johansson her powers in Lucy (h/t Samer). Though it's highly doubtful this lady is using 100 percent of her brain.

Update, 1:38 pm: An important update from our friends at Gothamist, who got in touch with the person behind the camera:

"I started recording her after she ate a $5 bill off the floor and when I asked her if she was OK, she asked me if I "knew who she was," Massey tells us. "Her friend that was with her was also straddling the guy next to her on the train. Way too turnt up for a Friday at 830!!"


So yeah, she was definitely on drugs.


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