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Every Episode Of Game Of Thrones, Ranked

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Game of Thrones is, finally, coming to an end, with the show’s eighth and final season set to premiere on Sunday night after a nearly 18-month hiatus. The meme generator masquerading as a prestige television program has been on the air since 2011 and, in the eight years since, has ridden the dragons of murder, sex, incest, and political drama towards what’s sure to be, if nothing else, an undeserved conclusion.

More than anything, though, Game of Thrones has been a collection of gasp-worthy moments unlike anything else on television: From Ned Stark’s beheading, through the Red Wedding and motherfucking HARDHOME, and finally with the season seven finale that tore down an ancient protection for the realms of men.

Ahead of the final season, I rewatched every single one of the show’s 67 episodes, so you can rest assured the following list is true and righteous. Here is every single episode of Game of Thrones, ranked from worst to best.


67. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (S5 E6)

66. A Golden Crown (S1 E6) 

65. Second Sons (S3 E8) 

64. The North Remembers (S2 E1) 

63. The Broken Man (S6 E7)

62. Book of the Stranger (S6 E4) 

61. First of His Name (S4 E5) 

60. The Night Lands (S2 E2)

59. Breaker of Chains (S4 E3) 

58. Garden of Bones (S2 E4) 

57. Sons of the Harpy (S5 E4)

56. The Kingsroad (S1 E2) 

55. Oathkeeper (S4 E4) 

54. The Wolf and the Lion (S1 E5) 

53. Valar Dohaeris (S3 E1) 

52. Blood of My Blood (S6 E6) 

51. The Gift (S5 E7)

50. No One (S6 E8) 

49. Mockingbird (S4 E7) 

48. The House of Black and White (S5 E2)

47. The Pointy End (S1 E8)

46. Lord Snow (S1 E3)

45. Beyond the Wall (S7 E6) 

44. The Old Gods and the New (S2 E6)

43. The Bear and the Maiden Fair (S3 E7)

42. Fire and Blood (S1 E10)

41. The Red Woman (S6 E1) 

40. Eastwatch (S7 E5) 

39. Mhysa (S3 E10) 

38. What Is Dead May Never Die (S2 E3) 

37. Dark Wings, Dark Words (S3 E2) 

36. Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things (S1 E4) 

35. Dragonstone (S7 E1) 

34. Two Swords (S4 E1)

33. Walk of Punishment (S3 E3) 

32. High Sparrow (S5 E3)

31. A Man Without Honor (S2 E7) 

30. The Wars to Come (S5 E1)

29. Home (S6 E2) 

28. The Ghost of Harrenhal (S2 E5) 

27. And Now His Watch Is Ended (S3 E4) 

26. Kill the Boy (S5 E5)

25. The Children (S4 E10) 

24. The Prince of Winterfell (S2 E8) 

23. The Laws of Gods and Men (S4 E6)

22. Kissed by Fire (S3 E5) 

21. The Queen’s Justice (S7 E3) 

20. Oathbreaker (S6 E3) 

19. Stormborn (S7 E2) 

18. Valar Morghulis (S2 E10) 

17. The Climb (S3 E6)

16. The Lion and the Rose (S4 E2) 

15. The Watchers on the Wall (S4 E9) 

14. Winter Is Coming (S1 E1) 

13. The Dance of Dragons (S5 E9)

12. You Win or You Die (S1 E7)

11. Mother’s Mercy (S5 E10)

10. The Dragon and the Wolf (S7 E7) 

9. The Spoils of War (S7 E4) 

8. Battle of the Bastards (S6 E9) 

7. The Door (S6 E5) 

6. The Mountain and the Viper (S4 E8) 

5. Baelor (S1 E9) 

4. Blackwater (S2 E9) 

3. The Rains of Castamere (S3 E9) 

2. The Winds of Winter (S6 E10) 

1. Hardhome (S5 E8)

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