Drake and Erykah Badu have some kind of connection going here. A few weeks back, she put out her own rendition of his ubiquitous “Hotline Bling,” and now, she’s back with “Phone Down,” a new original song dedicated to dear old Aubrey.

I guess Drake wasn’t lying on “Days in the East” when he talked about that one night he went to Erykah’s house and she made tea for him. Are these two friends or what? Because it’s got to be Drizzy she’s talking about when she sings, “I could make you put your phone down.” Relinquishing your phone is something you only do for people you really like! I have so many questions. What do they talk about? Has she met his mom? What does she think about Serena Williams? Where does she stand on the Meek Mill beef? Does she like his jacket? How hard is it to get Drake to put his phone down, anyway?

Look for a full Erykah Badu mixtape, to be titled BUT YOU CAINT USE MY PHONE, soon.


h/t Noisey