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This is my new favorite bear video.

What we have here is a silly black bear who has somehow gotten its head jammed into an old-timey milk can, which I find amusing because A.) hey bear, I didn't think you guys were big fans of milk, and B.) I didn't know old-timey milk cans were still used for anything other than being converted into planters by moms who want their garden to have a certain rustic feel. But anyway.


So this dumb bear is just stumbling around a corn field with a milk can on his head when two cool dudes on a forwarder show up to help him. A forwarder is a giant-ass vehicle that lumberjacks use to move around felled trees, and it basically looks like a real-life transformer. It is the absolute biggest, most bad-ass machine that two bros could decide to use to rescue a bear with a milk can stuck on its head, and that's exactly what happens in this video. I like to imagine that these guys use their forwarder to solve every problem. "Hey, Brad! I can't get this jar of pickles to open, can you go grab the forwarder?"

And the best part is, everything works out perfectly! "That worked just like clock work, by golly!" shouts one of the bros. You said it, man.

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