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Dude With Some Type Of Camera On His Head Gets Robbed At Gunpoint

A South African man recently strapped a camera on his head before heading out for a leisurely bike ride. While on this bike ride, the dude with a camera on his head was held up by three gun-wielding thugs who stole everything he had on him, save for the camera that he had for some reason strapped to his head.


Because this South African man had some sort of camera strapped to his head, he was able to capture the faces of his assailants on film. The police were reportedly able to use the footage from the camera that this dude had strapped to his head to identify and subsequently arrest the stick-up men. Justice has been served this day, and it's all thanks to the unidentified recording device—surely a camera of some sort—that this South African bicyclist decided to strap to his head.

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