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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

I don't totally understand why gamers seem to be so into filming themselves while they play video games these days, but after coming across this wonderful moment in human history, I am very glad that they do so.

A young man—he goes by Jericho on YouTube—is walking us through one of his matches in Evolve, a fun-looking game where one player is a big ol' monster and the other four players are cool guys with lasers and stuff who try to kill the monster. Jericho is the monster in this match, and things start to get pretty heated about halfway through. Having just nabbed a powerup of some sort, our man Jericho lets out an exclamation of triumph.


Then his damn front tooth falls out, and he very nearly chokes on it:

Did that lil' mishap stop Jericho from finishing his game? Get the fuck out of here, man. Of course it didn't! He laughed it off and won the whole damn thing.

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