ILoveMakonnen is an R&B singer who has a Twitter handle for a name. You know him from a track he recently released with Drake, the one about hanging out in the club on a Tuesday. In an exceptionally hilarious turn of events, ILoveMakonnen got attacked while performing in a New York City club. And guess what? It happened on a Tuesday!

Keep your eyes on the guy standing right in front of the stage, who lures ILoveMakonnen (man, what a name) in with the standard "Hey man, I'm a big fan, come give me some dap" concert move. And then he strikes!

But the real highlight comes when one of ILoveMakonnen's (lol) buddies comes flying to the rescue. Now you have to deal with Flying Bottle Man, hater!


No word yet on the status of the attacker's girl, and whether she was feeling choosy.