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Doomsday Prepper Sells Heavy Metal Bed & Breakfast To Fund Marijuana Biz

My neighbor is a reality TV star. Brent Bruns II, who with his family appeared on such intelligent National Geographic Channel programs as Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Castle, decided to settle down in our neighborhood and open a rock & roll-themed bed and breakfast. Alas, he's now selling it to go into the marijuana business.

(That, or the property is in foreclosure owing to nobody having an interest in staying at a rock & roll-themed bed & breakfast, or vacationing in my neighborhood. We're not sure if this arrest on a strangulation charge had something to do with it; it's only his latest in many brushes with the law.)


Anyway, ol' Brent II is banking on Florida voters approving medical marijuana here, something 70% of us support but our Republican governor is trying to quash. The auction is taking place right now down the street; you can check out the full listing here as well (with a photo gallery) as a detailed description of each room's decor here, which the auction company conveniently titled "stupid.PDF." Sample:

Woodstock Cottage

Private cottage in the back of mansion with queen bed, 3 person shower, newly remodeled bathroom central air, living room, semi kitchen with microwave and small fridge all tricked out to be psychedelic, access to wifi and cable, no tv


If you really want that Ronnie James Dio-autographed guitar, I can probably walk down and bid on it for you.

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