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Donald Trump, presidential candidate of the moon, has a plan to put Americans back to work. A simple plan. He explained it all very simply yesterday.


The video, via the Washington Post, above shows Trump’s response to a question he got at a town hall yesterday from a recent college graduate who was having trouble finding a job. What is Trump’s plan to restore jobs? His answer was clear:

  • It’s hot in here. Folks?
  • The media once said I was sweating a rally. Folks—it was 100 degrees!
  • Jobs are a problem.
  • “I want to see the day when we can have those jobs back in this country.”
  • I want Apple to make iPhones here, in the USA. Okay?
  • Bernie Sanders had some big rallies. Mine are bigger.
  • “We’re gonna have a country that Apple and these other great companies are gonna make their product in our country, and we’re gonna have lots of people working, including yourself.”

Donald Trump will make you a Foxconn worker. Okay folks?

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