Apparently, Donald Trump’s devout army of Russian Twitter trolls isn’t getting the job done. What with so many people checking “facts” and “thinking critically about the words coming out of Trump’s mouth,” it can be hard to stay ahead of the mainstream media’s filthy lies. But that, my friends, is where Big Donny’s #BigLeagueTruth Team comes in.

Just over an hour ago, the Trump campaign sent out the following text message to supporters:

Let’s fact check Hillary & expose her lies. Join my #BigLeagueTruth Team now & help get the truth out during the debates. Sign up —> -DJT

Which leads you to this web page:


And once you submit your info, you’ll find this in your inbox:


In other words, for at least the remaining debates (if not more often), Donald Trump will be emailing and texting his followers with pre-written tweets to send out en masse, all in hopes of drowning out anything that counters that day’s narrative.

This all falls very much in line with Donald Trump’s tendency to prefer to his own reality to the one that everyone else seems to inhabit:


Donald Trump hates spin. If you would like to spew out spin on Donald Trump’s behalf, please join Trump’s #BigLeagueTruth Team today.