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Donald Trump Says U.S. Media Ignored These 78 Terror Attacks

Yesterday in Tampa, Donald Trump complained that the “very, very dishonest press” purposely ignores acts of terror around the world. When pressed for examples, the White House last night released a list of 78 incidents it called terrorism that it says were overlooked by U.S. national media. That list—one full of puzzling spelling errors like “ATTAKER,” “DENMAKR,” and “BERNADINO”—included an attack the L.A. Times won a Pulitzer for covering in depth.


In the above video, you can see 75 of those incidents being covered by U.S. national media—despite many of them fitting a very questionable definition of “terrorism.” In some cases, investigating authorities have directly ruled out terrorism while in others the acts are more akin to being direct warfare than terror. Regardless, only three of the items on Trump’s list did not earn broad coverage from the U.S. national media:


October, 2015

TARGET: No casualties; airfield used by MFO attacked with rockets

ATTAKER: Unidentified ISIL-Sinai operatives

We were unable to verify that this incident actually happened. Several minor attacks at the El Gora (or El Gorah, or Al Jura, or Al-Jurah) airport appear on Trump’s list, but this incident only exists on the Internet in reports yesterday of Trump releasing this list.


October, 2016

TARGET: No casualties; mosque and community center attacked with Molotov cocktail

ATTACKER: Syrian national

This was an instance of arson that was barely reported on even in Sweden, and injured no one.


November, 2016

TARGET: No casualties; attacker arrested after opening fire at entrance of US Embassy

ATTACKER: Chadian national

A man from Chad drove by some police officers and shot them with a BB gun. It drew little local or regional attention.


Timothy Burke is formerly Deadspin's Video Director.

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