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Donald Trump Might Actually Go to Mexico Tomorrow [Update]

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This election has been an objective nightmare, but at long last, we finally have some good news. In a little over 12 hours, Donald Trump could be heading to Mexico. And if Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has even a sliver of a heart, he’ll let him in. Because god knows we need this.

Apparently, Peña Nieto extended an invitation to both the Clinton and Trump campaigns last Friday, and according to a report from The Washington Post looks like Trump is jumping at the chance:

Peña Nieto’s invitation was brought up, and Bannon said it offered Trump an opening to make headlines and showcase himself as a statesman who could deal directly with Mexico.


It will also provide an opportunity to showcase himself as someone completely unable to rise up to the actual duties required of a President. But who know, maybe he’ll surprise us!

From The Post:

Trump’s representatives were told privately by officials that it would be logistically difficult for Trump to visit. But the businessman’s proxies insisted that Trump would not delay his plans, the person said.

Overseas visits by senior U.S. officials normally require weeks of intricate planning on both sides, as every movement and meeting is plotted. When more security is required, such trips become even more complicated.

Or you know, maybe not.

Either way, this will be a great opportunity for Trump to finally get President Peña Nieto to confirm that, why yes, he is more than happy to pay for the wall. We wish Trump the loveliest of visits.


Update 10:37 p.m.:


God bless Mexico.

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