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Donald Trump Is In Mexico

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Did you hear? Donald J. Trump is in Mexico for a last minute, pre-immigration speech visit right now. It’s an objectively terrible idea for everyone involved—we can’t wait!


Quite a few questions have been bubbling up around Trump’s little romp south of the border. Questions like, does Donald Trump realize that no one in Mexico wants him there? Is he going to ask Mexican President Peña Nieto to pay for his big, beautiful wall? And what’s Trump going to do when Peña Nieto tells him to fuck off?

We’ll have answers soon... probably. We just don’t know when those answers will be coming, largely because:

Which is unfortunate, but at least the Mexican press will be able to report on the meeting.


Ha ha. Nevermind.

Well, it’s always nice to a see a friend, regardless.


¡Aye, que vergüenza!

Ashley Feinberg used to work here.

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