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Dog Watch: The Dogs Are Getting High

Photo: Mary Altaffer/AP
Photo: Mary Altaffer/AP

Have you heard? Your dog might have an affinity for the Devil’s lettuce. Don’t take it from me (or your dog, who can’t talk [if they can, please email a video to us]), take it from the paper of record.

The New York Times has an article out today about dogs who eat weed and then have to go to the hospital called “Dogs on Marijuana: Not Cool.” Consider this the nefarious counterpart to a piece the Times dropped this fall about the benefits of getting your pets stoned, because unlike that one, today’s dispatch deals with the darker side of things. Specifically, pets are attempting to cope with the struggles of city living by turning to dank weed in ever increasing numbers.

The center saw a 144 percent increase in pet marijuana overdose calls from 2010 to 2015. New York generated more calls than any other state except California.


Here is a sad story about a family unable to come to terms with their sweet poodle Harry’s crippling pot addiction.

For Ms. Gotbaum’s part, she swears she last smoked marijuana circa 1976 (she could not stop laughing and hated it). “I would tell you — I don’t care, makes no difference to me anymore,” said Ms. Gotbaum, who is 78 years old and has not held public office since 2009. Her live-in boyfriend, Peter Lewis, said he never tried it, as did their housekeeper, Julia Alvarez, who often takes Harry for his walks.

The household’s working theory is that Harry scarfed something off the ground the night before on a walk to the entrance of Central Park. “In the park, I’m always smelling marijuana,” Ms. Alvarez said.

Yes, I’m sure he “found it on the ground.”

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