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Do You Know the Second Verse to "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells"?

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Playground folk culture is oddly, comfortingly consistent. Small children laugh themselves stupid over the same dumb material, then grow up and move on while their dumb jokes and rhymes stay behind, to be discovered by new generations. So my four-year-old came back from baseball day camp singing an old familiar song:


Jingle bells, Batman smells

Robin laid an egg

Batmobile lost a wheel

And the Joker got away, hey!

There it was, just the way it had been when I was four years old. But then he kept going:

Batman’s in the kitchen

Robin’s in the hall

Joker’s in the bathroom

Peeing on the wall, hey!

Batman’s where? What? Where did this verse come from? Sometime in the past 40 years, it seems to have entered the canon. But when?


If you grew up with Joker peeing on the wall, please say so in the comments, including what year you entered kindergarten and where it was.

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