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Democratic Process Gives Every Idiot A Voice

Literally the view from Bayonne: AP

The true spirit of our Founding Fathers was celebrated this week in Bayonne, New Jersey, where the local quacks, racists, and morons were allowed to voice their stupid views at a zoning hearing.

On Monday night, after more than a year of controversy, the Bayonne zoning board rejected a proposal by local Muslims to build themselves a mosque. Why would they reject such a thing?





That’s right, because of concerns about parking. Though this was, of course, a land use issue with no subtext, it was also an occasion for our glorious democratic system of government to take the time to give each and every fucking dumbass of Bayonne a chance to weigh in.

At Monday’s meeting, tension in the community surfaced even before the meeting was called to order when a group of about two-dozen Muslim men gathered in the front corner of the room for the Islamic evening prayer of Maghrib. Across the auditorium, several Bayonne residents opposed to the proposed mosque broke into a loud recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, which they ended with cheers and clapping.

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are looking down from heaven with smiles.

And when an opponent, Ledia Elraheb, took the podium to loudly read what she described as violent passages from the Koran, the Bayonne zoning board chairman allowed her to continue until she yelled, “How many children have died under this so-called religion?”


Benjamin Franklin: we are making you proud.

Another resident, John White, called for an ideological test, saying the Muslims should be asked about their beliefs before getting a house of worship. “What do they believe?” he asked.


Paul Revere rode o’er hill and dale, for this.

Local pastor Joseph Basile says his concerns go beyond logistics, because he claims the Bayonne Muslims have not been transparent about their religious philosophies.

“When somebody refuses to tell me what they believe in, I get a little antsy about that,” he said.


America’s war of independence: Worth it!!

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