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Dear Abby Runs Clearly Fake Letter From Woman Asking What Twerking Is

How many letters do you think "Dear Abby" receives in a day? Hundreds? Thousands? Enough, surely, that the advice column (now written by Jeanne Phillips) wouldn't need to run a fake letter. But you'll probably find this one in your local paper today, and we're pretty sure it's not authentic.

DEAR ABBY: I'm the happily married mother of two teenage boys. The other day I overheard my older son (age 17) talking with a friend about "twerking." I have never heard of it and now I'm worried. Is twerking a drug term? Is it similar to "tripping," "getting high" or "catfishing"?

My 17-year-old is supposed to go to Princeton next year on a sports scholarship, and I'm afraid "twerking" will derail him from his charted path. Thank you for any advice you may have. — TROUBLED MOM IN CONNECTICUT


Phillips's response is fine, but taking the letter at face value requires one to assume Troubled Mom In Connecticut does not have access to the Internet (or, indeed, the ability to communicate at all with her son). But the real giveaway that this isn't a real letter? Princeton, like all Ivy League schools, does not offer athletic scholarships.

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