The Deadspin staff picked their favorite Vines from 2015, and you won’t be surprised to learn that many of them include maniacal dogs. Please enjoy.

Prayers up to the Vine user who was murdered by that dog. -Tom Ley

It takes more than courage to stop impending doom. -Tim Marchman

A coming-of-age tale featuring two brothers. A harrowing story of how one boy’s triumph inevitably sentences the other to defeat and despair. “Noooooooooooo.” -Puja Patel

Samer spent like $180 to get eight of these ducks imported from Sweden, which is the only place they’re sold. They’re sitting in a box by his desk and he won’t let anyone play with them. -Barry Petchesky

This is one of the best Vines Tim Burke has ever made. -Samer Kalaf

Most of Vine is loud and manic and uncouth by design, and that’s lovely, just lovely. But this is lovelier still. It’s simple and silly and bizarrely romantic, and I catch myself zoning out to it for five to 10 minutes at a time. This should be projected on the walls of MOMA, if not all actual Walgreens locations, if not boudoirs nationwide. -Rob Harvilla

This is my favorite Vine because I still ugly cry every time I read the caption. -Greg Howard

There’s just something about kids, the way they’re so cute, so wild, and seemingly indestructible. If I got knocked over like this, I’d probably break a few bones and throw out my back. But this kid? Nah, the kid’s fine. -Diana Moskovitz

I’ve always preferred cats. -Dave McKenna

Yes, I know it’s not technically a Vine, but it’s the winner in my heart. This man is so confident in himself. He fully believes he’s going to stick this landing ...and yet he fails. -Leslie Horn

While the GIF version of Drew’s touchdown dance at the end of his victorious Chopped appearance ended up being more popular, I prefer the version with Raekwon, because I like imagining Drew in a Raekwon video and it looks like he’s dancing to the song. This is so stupid, but it amuses me way more than the original GIF. -Tim Burke

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