Boy, what a year for jams, huh? From the creepy alt-R&B seductions of FKA Twigs to the '80s-dad mewlings of the War on Drugs to the incendiary political raps of Run the Jewels to the ... yeah, forget it. This was the real shit in 2014.

Weezer Cover Band, "Undone - The Sweater Song [God Edit]"

Hell, it's better than Raditude.

Presto Flo's Ill-Fated Seaside Photo Shoot

I have never heard this person rap, and yet am comfortable assuming this is his finest hour.

Double Turds, "Crankin' My Hog"

This left me incapacitated for about 20 minutes.


This happened on a Tuesday.

Disturbed "Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah" Karaoke Medley

Don't try this in public.

Taylor Swift, "Shake It Off" (Isolated Vocals)

Let her live. Mariah, too.

The "Rap Songs About Donald Sterling" Industrial Complex

Big year for Plies. Rough year for Don.

Jaden Smith in General

I'm so old.

The Ebola Song


No way am I ever listening to this.

The Kobe / Twitter / Temecula Diss Track

The "Ether" of its time.

My Buddy's 3-Year-Old Son Shouting, "MONSTER TRUCK" Over and Over Into a Frozen-Brand Karaoke Machine Mic A Capella for Like Five Minutes Straight at Last Week's Christmas Party [Audio Unavailable]


The highlight of my year, "Crankin' My Hog" aside. Sorry you missed it.

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