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Deadspin Nature Moment: A Hawk Eating A Pigeon On Top Of A Trash Can

Welcome back to Deadspin Nature Moment, an irregular feature in which we share various goings-on from the natural world with our readers.

Today’s scene takes place in Williamsburg, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, where a reader captured video of a hawk devouring a pigeon while perched on top of a trash can. This footage may not be suitable for the faint of heart:

The hawk seems to have easily dispatched with the pigeon’s head, leaving it an ample opening through which to pillage the dead bird’s innards. Perhaps because it was irritated by the presence of onlookers, all we get here is a few seconds of the hawk fitfully picking at its dead prey.


Ah, but here we get to see the hawk truly get down to business, in slow motion:

This has been Deadspin Nature Moment.

h/t Matt

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