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Illustration for article titled David Cross Parodies Know Your Rights Videos With Keegan-Michael Key

In preview of David Cross and Bob Odenkirk’s new Netflix sketch series With Bob and David, they’ve released a clip which parodies the “Know Your Rights” videos. If you haven’t seen them, the series is a YouTube staple that features various ways with which to engage with law enforcement, and are often recorded by white dudes who flex on cops with their super-duper-expert knowledge of what they are legally allowed to do or say when confronted by the police.

The With Bob and David version has Cross playing one such brave guy—pony tail, clunky glasses, bootleg video surveillance system, and all—as he tries to trip up a black officer (Keegan-Michael Key) who stops him at a sobriety checkpoint. Things don’t exactly go his way until he, uh, switches it up; when Cross dons blackface and is confronted by a white traffic cop (Jay Johnston). I bet you can guess how this one ends.

With Bob and David hits Netflix November 13.

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