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David Blaine Made Steph Curry, Drake, Dave Chappelle, And Jimmy Butler See God

David Blaine television specials are like evolved versions of Punk’d in that they seem to exist primarily to temporarily bring celebrities down to level of the viewer: astonished, freaked out, and unsure of what humanity is capable of. Last night ABC aired a new Blaine special called Beyond Magic, which featured a particularly funny scene involving an absurd group of people including Steph Curry, Drake, Dave Chappelle, and Jimmy Butler.

The “trick,” as much as you could call it one, involves Blaine suddenly regurgitating frogs into little champagne flutes given to our disgusted and stunned celebrities. The best part is when, during the set up, Chappelle and Blaine briefly discuss the fact that frogs rained from the sky during the 10 plagues, which causes Drake to look up to the ceiling.


I mean, you wouldn’t have been surprised if they started falling, right?

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