ESPN business reporter, kale enthusiast (see above), and staff snitch Darren Rovell likes to tweet about beer sometimes. I don't know if he gets paid for these tweets (I bet he gets paid for these tweets), but regardless, he recently declared Cigar City of Tampa, Fla., to be America's finest brewery. This is not a consensus opinion, but it's not a flat-out ridiculous one, either.

Lack of flat-out ridiculousness notwithstanding, he wouldn't be Darren Rovell if he didn't manage to fuck it up, and we wouldn't be Deadspin if we didn't find a petty way to break his balls about it. Enter Drunkspin Southeastern Bureau Chief Tim Burke, an avowed Cigar City fan who nonetheless takes exception with Rovell's praise of their Florida Cracker, the beer depicted in his coronation tweet.

Quoth Burke: "Florida Cracker? That's one of their worst beers; its popularity astounds me."

So there you have it. Astounding beer tweet, Darren.