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The Big Apple’s coolest neighborhood: Flickr

You can rent yourself a perfectly spacious one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn or Queens for well under $2,000. Or not!

The New York Times Real Estate Section should be called the New York Times Dumbest People In New York City section if you want to get technical about it.

While they live in dormlike conditions, Ms. Jackson and her [THREE OTHER] roommates are not in college anymore. They are gainfully employed 20-somethings [WORKING IN SALES, PR, AND ADVERTISING, HARDLY STARVING ARTIST SHIT], trying their hardest to make living in New York City affordable. Each pays under $1,000 a month, toward a total rent of $3,750 [FOR A ONE BEDROOM, ONE BATHROOM APARTMENT]. [IN THE FUCKING FINANCIAL DISTRICT.] Moving to another borough would afford the foursome much more space for less money, of course, but like many newcomers, they are willing to make certain sacrifices to stay in Manhattan.


The Financial District sucks even more than the rest of Manhattan, which also sucks.

These people are dangerous.

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