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Corresponding With Trump Supporters

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

You and I have our own ideas about why people voted for Donald Trump. But there is more value to be had in hearing it from Trump supporters themselves. Like these.

Yesterday, I published a list of fairly well-established predictions about various catastrophes that could befall us under the reign of president Donald Trump. They were warnings about possible future events, so they come with an inherent level of uncertainty, and how bad their realization would be of course depends to some degree upon your political values. They were not, though, outrageously speculative.

Still, I heard from quite a few Trump supporters who objected to the piece. Why? Well.

in re: You’ve Been Warned

Your comment suggesting that Trump will lead us to nuclear war is disingenuous and illustrates your lack of geopolitical knowledge. I voted for Trump because he will AVOID nuclear war. Hillary and Obama have made so many bellicose overtures about going to war with Russia. So you are already attacking Trump and hes not even in office.


I disagree, but the objection is at least coherent in theory.


Aren’t u guys a sports site ?

Hamilton Nolan: There’s more to life than sports Chris.

Yes there is but I thought dead spin was a sports site

I also recall u guys posting all these articles about how trump was going to get humiliated on election night

Fair enough.

Re: You’ve been warned! Litany against Trump

Waaaa! Waaa! Waaaa!

Yes. Others, though, were less accurate.

Your latest article is dogshit. People don’t read Deadspin to see bullshit articles like the one you just wrote about stuff getting worse. They want to read about sports. Just some career advice


People also read Deadspin for stories about bears.

Excuse me

We have the worst economy in decades with over 90 million Americans fallen out of unemployment statistics they’ve been out of work so long. Welfare and food stamp numbers have exploded under Obama while he has accumulated as much national debt as all of his predecessors combined.

Our military is depleted to the lowest numbers in decades and we have been exposed as weak and bumbling to our enemies, thanks to the feckless leadership of Obama, Clinton and Kerry. Our nation’s insecurity is deplorable as is our complete lack of border control.

Your attempt to compare any American’s feelings regarding the Muslim religion and the evil sects within it to Hitler’s murderous treatment of peaceful Jews is lame to say the least.

As for warnings, American patriots did warn that Obama’s socialist leanings would do great harm to our country. Lo and behold those warnings proved to be correct.

Prayerfully, your warnings will not prove to be correct. I’m willing to take my chances with anyone who gives us a shot to strengthen and secure our nation against the evils of this world.


Hmmm. No.

Goofy ideals

You are just another dramatic fruitcake. You can’t predict the future. However you can read the Bible it tells us how it will end. I don’t believe you will be part of it . Go back to your goofy ideas and your padded room.

Hamilton Nolan: Do you think the Bible can predict the future?

Maybe you should study it and figure out . The good Lord and his Son. Know how it going to end not you and your ? Or me.


Hard to really disprove that, I guess.

Gawker isn’t credible

This IS the most incredible collection of crap I have ever seen. You apparently have no life, but try to invent one with hate mongering. Go away,you lost, sore loser. This was God’s work, and I hope you choke on your own words.



We’ve been Warned. The article is full of hate and despair nothing positive just more HATE . It’s worry some that their is so many people suffering from mental illnesses that have a ball point pen WORDS ARE A POWERFUL THING. REMEMBER IT’S WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR OUR COUNTRY NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU THINK ABOUT IT AND GET WELL HELP IS THERE ASK FOR IT.



Only thing coming is an AMERICA like we had in the past some years ago. A great ,strong and respected country in whom other nations have admiration and respect again. So get over your left wing radical zero tolerance mindset and accept that men should marry women and vise versa. And guess what, radicals come in many forms and your proof from you radical rants. So please do the world a favor and just shut up!



Go move to Africa or a Muslim country and see how receptive they are to you. The press and media are already weak propaganda machines as you are. Quit your whining and get the hell out of the country if you have a problem with white people.

Hamilton Nolan: I’m a white person.

Then why do you fail to recognize all the anti white racism that is been so prevalent?

You need to defend your own race, instead of worrying about those who wish us dead for no other reason than our skin color, or religious affiliation.

Hamilton Nolan: How about we try to do things that benefit all the people, not just one group?

I think White people do help most people. Each time Haiti has a crisis, or anyone has a disaster, it appears White people are in the ground doing the work, providing food , meds, clothing .

Seems to me, everyone wants to migrate to White developed societies after the work is done. How about other races doing their part to help themselves, and others for a change? The darker a continent , city and society, the more corrupt, uneducated, diseased it is, or is this the imagination of a racist bigot, because of the truth?


Okay. Not all of these conversations are fated to go well.

You are an idiot! A true moron. There are tons of nasty words and comments I would love to use to describe you but then I would be on your level and I’m far above you. It’s a good thing murder is illegal because that’s the only thing good enough for people like you. Some day you’ll have to eat your words. I’d love to be around to see THAT event!

Hamilton Nolan: What specific part of the story did you find objectionable?

All of it. Before Obama was elected I was sure the American people would not put a Muslim in the White House, but they did. I was sure he would be assassinated but he wasn’t. I have been mad at this nation’s ideals and how weak we have become. But now I see people have started to become fed up with a weak country. They want a strong nation, one that doesn’t apologize to the rest of the world. They are beginning to stand up for the same beliefs that our forefathers founded this country on. I say it’s about time!

Hamilton Nolan: Are you aware that Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim? What beliefs of our forefathers are you referring to?

Go ahead and believe that if you want to , if it makes you feel better. I know better.


But sometimes...

Senior writer

From the handful of stories I’ve read of yours, my kids can gather better news than that and make sure they tell true stories! (Dont make this your day job)

Hamilton Nolan: What kind of news do your kids generally gather?

Kids make up stories about who stole the cookies from the cookies jar! They tell the truth about what they see in real life!

Hamilton Nolan: God bless em ! 😀

God bless you!

Hamilton Nolan: And you as well sir.

We’re all stuck together on this crazy rock :)

[Did you vote for Donald Trump? Why? Were there actual policies of his that you liked, or was it just a feeling? What about all the racist and sexist stuff he said? Did that bother you? What about his impulsiveness? Does that scare you? What is your definition for making America “great again?” I want to know! Email me.]

Senior Writer.

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