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Clinton's Speech Denouncing Meme-Toting Racists Interrupted By Meme

Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The alt-right is a fringe political movement, primarily concerned (as far as we can tell) with disseminating Trumpism via memes. Their favorite is Pepe the frog. In her speech denouncing these internet users this afternoon in Reno, Nevada, Hillary Clinton sadly did not say the words “meme” or “Pepe.” This is somewhat disappointing, since it’s probably the closest we’ll ever come to a presidential frontrunner addressing the Rare Pepe scandal.


Anyway, as she turned her attention away from Trump campaign capo/Breitbart guy Steve Bannon and towards the alt-right, a heckler shouted what everyone was thinking.

Turns out politeness ... is the rarest Pepe of all.

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