Staff Writer, Kotaku

New York, NY or Los Angeles, CA

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About the Role:

A Kotaku Staff Writer should urgently feel the need to tell the world about video games. They should be a curious, well-rounded person who has an insatiable appetite to play games, ask questions about them, report on them and/or critique them. Working for Kotaku you'll have access to any video game you can think of and a chance to tell the stories that you think matter about games and gaming culture. If you get the job, your parents probably won't understand what you do for a living. Your nieces and nephews will think you get paid just to play video games (sure, kids, close enough). But what you'll actually have is a chance to write about video games every day and help shape the discussion about them.

This entry-level position is based either at Kotaku's offices in New York City or Los Angeles, CA. It is suited for anyone sick of the freelance grind or simply looking to write about games for a very large readership at a site that is uninterested in hype and is focused on telling interesting stories about games and the communities around them, including the growing culture of gaming on YouTube and Twitch. We're looking for people who don't necessarily fit the mold of what the gaming press "should" cover or care about. Gaming knowledge is a must, but knowledge about the rest of the world is important, too. Some reporting experience is preferred, but we will consider candidates who are strong in journalism, criticism or both.

 What we’re looking for:

  • An ambitious, bold writer who cares about video games
  • Someone who has the ability to work well both independently and as part of a team, and to juggle multiple simultaneous projects with varying lead times
  • Used to having deadlines and hitting them
  • Has knowledge and familiarity with online publishing tools
  • Maybe even can make a Photoshop or clip a great video….not essential, but it can’t hurt.

To apply, please submit a resume, cover letter about why you’re the right fit for the job and answers to the questions below.

G/O Media is deeply committed to fostering a transparently inclusive workplace environment and people of color, women, people with disabilities, veterans, and LGBTQ candidates are very strongly encouraged to apply. Our company-wide mission is to reach very diverse audiences and so, we are deeply committed to having teams and leaders that reflect this mission.

This is a position covered under the collective bargaining agreement with the WGA-E.

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