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Earlier today, the Trump campaign published a press release with photos from Ivanka’s big day campaigning for her father in South Florida. But there’s allegedly another Trump daughter in there, too. Can you spot the Tiffany Trump?

Have you found her yet?

Look close.

Are you ready?


There she is.

There’s our girl.

In the release, Ivanka tells us that “one of the most informative and mind-expanding things that I have had the opportunity to do as the daughter of a candidate for President, is travel the country and visit schools that are at the forefront of innovation in education and that are making a profound impact on the lives of their students and within their communities.” That’s nice.


And as for what Tiffany thought of her South Florida travels—we may never know. Because the online release apparently only had space for one 150-word Ivanka quote and absolutely nothing else.

Instead, we must return once again to Tiffany’s sole summer single.

Tiffany, my friend, we hear you. Justice will prevail.

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