I'm gonna go ahead and warn you right now that this video shows a man pooping in public. And it's not subtle or anything. You don't have to go searching the frame for the moment the poop arrives. But I tell you: It's the best goddamn poop video I've ever seen. By a grand measure. I don't regret watching this man spew hot fudge all over the loading area. Reader Sam gives us the background:

Keep in mind this occurred in front of a kosher supermarket in a completely Hasidic, ultra-orthodox part of Brooklyn. As my brother put it... A POOPER AMONG US.


I don't know how anyone can poop on a sidewalk so casually, especially when we're talking about such a highly viscous bowel output. He just drops trou and lets it fly. It's almost premeditated. I wonder if it was a revenge poop. And kudos to all the New Yorkers who move right on by. That is the precise reaction I would expect from you folks.