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Each year, the University College Dublin hosts an event known as Iron Stomach, in which a group of freshmen sit on a stage and are forced to eat and drink absurd amounts of gross things. The proceedings are nasty enough to necessitate a large trough—meant for collecting puke, spit, and whatever the hell else—being placed at the front of the stage.

Keep your eye on the guy in the pink shirt in the center of the fame. He's had it with these shenanigans, and is tired of trying to hold back that vomit that keeps creeping up his throat and into his mouth. Fed up, the bro stands, defiantly hocks his mouthful of puke into the trough, and tosses away his cup. "I'm a person!" is the message he seems to be sending to the crowd as he struts away. "Not a freak that's here to entertain you!"


And then he slips and falls into all the gross puke.


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