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Behold Weezer Doing Their Best Song In Jack White's Phone Booth

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Yes, "Susanne." The answer to your question is "Susanne." I would disable Kinja if I could, to prevent anyone from even contesting this. Anyways, here we see Weezer (their lineup much scrambled since this tune graced the Mallrats soundtrack in 1995) re-recording it in Jack White's tiny, weird straight-to-vinyl booth in the Nashville headquarters of his Third Man Records.

I share it here to further disperse both the joy and the pain of this brief clip: the joy self-explanatory, the pain provided by the fact that nearly every human being witnessing this momentous event in person responds by pointing his or her phone at it, including whoever recorded it, which as a social response is in diametric philosophical opposition to everything Jack White stands for, as evidenced by the fact that he built a straight-to-vinyl booth in the first place.


(A member of Weezer is also wearing his own band's t-shirt, which is unacceptable.)

Consider this ample evidence that a) Jack White's plot to spread his old-tyme fealty to the vinyl era among the unwashed digital masses is somewhat succeeding, b) that plot is also obviously doomed to failure, and c) "Susanne" is Weezer's best song.

Logo from Weezer's Instagram.

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