Some scientist or whatever decided he wanted to hang an electrified deer carcass in the woods in order to see what would happen when a bear tried to eat the deer. Why did he do this? I don't know, man. Because he's a dickhead. But the good news is that this experiment was quickly and thoroughly torn to shit by a smart and cool bear.

Our hero bear, perhaps sensing that something was amiss, approaches the carcass cautiously at first. He touches it with its snout, and immediately receives a shock of electricity that sends him running. A normal and dumb bear would have probably been like, "Fuck this shit, I'm out," but this, I'll remind you, is a smart and good bear.

He returns to prod at the carcass again, receiving his second shock. But then the bear comes back a third time, and disconnects the car battery from Mr. Dickhead Scientist's torture rig. The bear is encouraged, but continues to proceed with caution:

False alarm! The deer carcass is no longer electrified, and the bear knows it. Now is the time to strike:


Fuck you and your bear-zapping roadkill, motherfucker. This bear is eatin'.

h/t Michael