Ben Jay
Oct 29 2019

I got married a week and a half ago and it was a brunch wedding. We didn’t specify dress code on the invite, but everyone effectively went with “just look nice” and it was extremely easy! (some friends did text me to confirm, which is a perfectly acceptable way to convey this information too.) Read more

Jul 10 2019

This episode, like this whole season, has had tons of flaws,, but I was really, really excited for this episode to end on that shot of June at the center of the supermarket chaos, with nothing but muzak in the background. It would have been a perfect, stark final shot (again, nonwithstanding all of this episode’s Read more

Apr 8 2019

I once met a group of bike kids by Grand Army Plaza, and they were nice enough to let me photograph them (I had my old film camera with me.) They were super friendly and cool, and we traded Instagram information. Go fuck yourself.

Dec 13 2018

Why is the short and giant-fisted Konerko statue...
a) Shorter than IRL Konerko?
b) Giant-fisted?
c) Doing the hokey-pokey?

Oct 4 2018

Remember three years ago when the Yankees were bad? Those spells don’t happen very often, and we didn’t appreciate the last one nearly enough.

Sep 25 2018

Sorry, what I meant to say was, when does Wahlberg do acting go to a soundstage in LA to say “where did Donny go? Is he a Transformah on the fackin’ Planet of the Apes?”

Sep 4 2018

Tom Wahl’s and Connecticut

I’ve heard Western NYers refer to Tom Wahl’s burgers as “god mode,” but they’re flat, sad and flavorless. See pic below. Culver’s and its fried cheese curds, as Marchman once mentioned on the Deadcast, are severely underrated, and it’s weird that midwesterners don’t wax endlessly about that

Jul 18 2018

I don’t have kids, but when I was in my teens/early 20s and regularly had to make 6+ hour drives to/from college, that trip was always, without fail, infinitely more hellish with my parents than with my friends.

Jun 13 2018

Also, galaxy brain take, but I’m gonna call it and say that if Eden somehow reports Nick for infidelity or whatever crypto-biblical marital crime Gilead dreams up, he’ll somehow be fine and she’ll be sent to the colonies or forced to become a handmaid. Because Gilead is just that fucking cruel.

Jun 13 2018

Did anyone else catch the brief interplay between Eden and that young dipshit “it’s time for your nap” Guardian? When they’re talking about the jam she made from the California strawberries. Read more

Apr 11 2018

Costco hot dogs have been $1.50 since my mom first took me to the New Rochelle NY Price Club when I was about 7. I’m a grown-ass adult now, and I’m thankful every single day that a (pretty good) hot dog is the single most constant thing in my life. Read more

Mar 26 2018

Can confirm Big Alice Brewing in Queens has both of these things. I’m sure I’ve been to some other NYC bars than can claim this, but I can’t think of them at the moment because there are definitely not enough of them.

Jan 12 2018

It’s obviously good that DACA recipients are receiving $33 million, but think of how much more money the underprivileged would have if Bezos didn’t pay Amazon employees nominal wages while working them like dogs, or if he didn’t try to dodge taxes by pitting America’s cities against each other in a battle royale for Read more