Ashley Feinberg
Ashley Feinberg used to work here.

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Aug 2 2019

when i first started as an intern at gizmodo no one at any of the other websites spoke to me for 6 months and that’s what i’m going to do to you now

Jan 29 2019

Further proving that Gawker, was indeed, good.

Jan 29 2019

Reading Ashley Feinberg just makes me think again God I miss old Gawker media so much

Jan 29 2019

thank you George, ashley i am also interested in the answer to this question. at your leisure.

Jan 29 2019

One day in fifth grade, I really had to pee while on the playground at recess. I didn’t want to waste any of the precious 43 minutes of recess I had so I came to the decision to strategically let a little pee out to ease the pressure. That worked for a few minutes before I had to do it again, and ultimately I just Read more

Jan 29 2019

Just here to say Streetlight Manifesto fucking SLAPS. 

Mar 6 2018

ashley i can’t help you destroy splinter but i can get you some teen blood if that’s the road you’re heading down

Mar 6 2018

would love to get the splinter news slack transcripts, please contact me

Jan 11 2018

Ashley Feinberg has confirmed she is the current Deadspin editor in chief